Servicing the following industries

Restaurants, Cafes, Pizzerias, Barber Shops, Hair Salons, Health Clubs, Retailers, Massage Services, Hospitality, Events


Automatically collect unique customer contact information when they login to your FREE Wi-Fi service at your business.
Our client dashboard allow you to view the collected demographic data and track how many times customers visit your location.
Our unique automated message delivery system allow you to send information to customers via email, texting and Facebook advertising.
















Ready to use in 5 Minutes

Our staff pre-configures your  WI-fi device that plugs directly into your existing internet connection and is ready to use in minutes.  Our technical staff monitors will make sure your WI-fi device is always working properly.






  • Client Mobile Wallet Loyalty Punch Card Dashboard

  • Date the customer downloaded your loyalty card
  • How many customers downloaded your loyalty card
  • How many punches each customer has and date they received them
  • How many customers have earned your redeemable offer
  • View customer contact information
  • Modify your existing offer
  • Send Text message offers
  • And More



Client Wi-Fi Access Real-time Statistics Dashboard

  • Manage the amount of bandwidth each user can use
  • Know how many visitors login to your free WI-Fi service
  • Know if customer login using their social media credentials
  • View customer demographics – Example: gender
  • Know date and time of each login
  • View logged in customers in real-time
  • Modify your WI-Fi settings
  • Track how many times a customer has logged in to your WI-Fi







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One monthly email campaign sent to 1000 consumers within 2 to 5 mile radius around your business location